Whether you are plant-based, flexitarian or just plain curious, here are some reasons to enjoy our gelato!

Our gelato is 100% vegan and made only from plants. We rely on a blend of nuts and oats to achieve a smooth creamy gelato that’s cruelty-free. Whether for ethical or health reasons, we believe a plant-based diet is the way for the world to move forward.

We are also an EU certified organic producer as we believe food should be free from harsh pesticides and cultivated from methods that are gentler towards mother nature. We have spent time working on organic permaculture farms ourselves, and thus try to support responsible farmers as much as possible.

Tea Leaves

We use only premium ingredients that speak for themselves. Real vanilla, true ceylon cinnamon, proper matcha – we don’t compromise on delivering a genuine and delicious product. We also take the time to rigorously research & develop our gelato flavours and formulation. Crafting artisanal gelato is as much of a science as it is an art – it’s a delicate affair balancing fat, proteins, sugar, water and air to produce great tasting gelato.


Our vegan recipe and slow churning process are in the style of Italian gelato to achieve that clarity of flavour it’s known for.

Gelato has a lower fat content than ice cream – so with less fat molecules to hinder our taste buds, we really get to taste flavours in all their intensity. The slow-churn process of gelato also incorporates less air, resulting in a richer, denser product. It’s rather different from ice cream where sometimes even half the product can be air.


Every pint of gelato is made by hand from real foods. We do not use any pre-mix powders or ready-made bases that is typical in the industry.

We run our modest but professional kitchen out of Luby-Klatovy, Czech Republic. The kitchen is run by a small team. There is an actual person weighing, chopping, cooking, mixing, scooping and labelling the pints before they are ready to be shipped off fresh to you. Yes, we have to do the dishes too! : )

Our gelato is currently only available in Prague & Plzen – in stores and via delivery.
Plans to expand our delivery network are in development.

Patipatti Organic Vegan Matcha Gelato - Tub
Patipatti Organic Vegan Hojicha Gelato - Tub
Patipatti Organic Vegan Bourbon Vanilla Gelato - Tub
Patipatti Organic Vegan Masala Chai Gelato - Tub
Patipatti Organic Vegan Miso Caramel Gelato - Tub
Patipatti Organic Vegan Genmaicha Gelato - Tub
Patipatti Organic Vegan Maple Walnut Gelato - Tub
Patipatti Vegan Calamansi Lime Pie Gelato - Tub
Patipatti Organic Vegan Gianduja Gelato - Tub
Patipatti Organic Vegan Black Sesame Gelato - Tub