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Dark Bamboo Long-handled Chasen


Long-handled tea whisk for preparing matcha in tall cups. Comes with a bamboo rest. Handmade from natural dark / purple bamboo (紫竹).

• Width: ~4 cm
• Height: ~15 cm

As a handcrafted item made from natural bamboo, there will be slight variations in colour, shape and size from the item’s photo.

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The long handle of this chasen lets you whisk the tea powder directly in a tall glass. With proper use, it helps to create a fine smooth matcha more effectively than an electric frother.


Care Instructions

• Before using for the first time, wash the chasen and allow to soak in warm water for 15 minutes.

• Subsequently, always wet the tips of the bamboo tines with water before each use. It will help the bamboo be flexible and prevent breakage.

• The furled tips of a new chasen will relax over time and usage. This is normal.

• Wash the chasen gently after each use. You may use your fingers to remove any remaining matcha. Shake off any excess water gently.

• Leave the chasen to air dry.

• The chasen is a utensil that will naturally wear down over time even with proper use and storage. Please replace should the tines break.

Additional information


Šířka: 4 cm
Výška: 15 cm






Please rinse with warm water shortly after use, and leave to air dry.



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