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Patipatti Vegan Matcha Gelato - Tub
Matcha Gelato 10.35

Hojicha Gelato


You will love our hojicha gelato for its roasted earthy malty notes that are somewhat reminiscent of coffee and caro but in its own unique tea way.
Many hojichas tend to be roasted too heavily, but our tea farmer does it just right, resulting in a balanced roasted flavor that doesn’t overpower the tea notes.




COVID Notice: Due to the ongoing global COVID situation affecting our tea supply lines, the current offering of Matcha & Hojicha gelato will not be “EU certified organic” even though the teas are indeed from certified organic production in Japan. All other ingredients are EU certified organic. The EU certified status of both products will be updated once the supply line disruptions are resolved. Thank you for understanding!


While matcha is widely known these days, hojicha is still relatively uncommon outside of Japan / Asia. Despite appearing brown, hojicha is actually a green tea that has been roasted, which results in lower levels of caffeine. The tea is therefore suitable for night time drinking or for those with caffeine sensitivity like children or the elderly.


The hojicha used in our gelato is JAS certified organic (Japanese Agricultural Standard) and comes from a small family tea garden in the mountains of Yame, Japan. Our gelato is made from a creamy blend of cashew and brazil nuts and is absolutely rich and decadent.


• Hojicha Vegan Gelato
• 100% Plant-based
• EU Certified organic ingredients
• JAS Certified organic Hojicha tea from Japan
• Free from Soy & Gluten
• Allergens: NUTS

Additional information


Water, Cane sugar*, Cashew nuts*, Dextrose*, Brazil nuts*, Gluten-free oats*, Hojicha†, Coconut oil*, Konjac root flour*, Vanilla extract*, Sea salt
*EU Certified organic, †JAS Certified organic


~ 460 ml / 380 g

Nutritional Information

Per 100ml: Energy 150 kcal / 627 kJ, Fat 6.5g (of Saturates 2.0g), Carbohydrate 21g (Sugars 18g), Protein 2.3g, Salt 0.13g


To enjoy: Let thaw for about 15 mins before serving.
Store frozen below -18°C. Do not refreeze once melted.
Shelf life: 14 months


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